Green Line

In a garage in Barcelona, ​​the designer Estrella Salietti created a tribute to industrialism. She rocks with black floors, exposed electrical wires and hand-written message on the wall.

Estrella is Spanish for star. And of course you have to, like Estrella Salietti, be a star to decorate to successfully transform an oil-stinking and foul medfaret former garage into a beautiful living. 
   The building's history has been controlling style. The home is a tribute to industrialism idiom. There are black floors, solid iron railings and bundles of wires that are exposed freely in the wire holder. Coarse takdetaljer accented with color.
   Estrella has had green accents and hand-painted messages to be themes that link together home to a unit.
   The fact that some rooms have become a little dark, she has by far compensated by building an atrium that allows her friends to enjoy plenty of natural light in all weather conditions. 

Färgglatt hem i Barcelona

A solid green arrow gives associations to traffic, which is logical in a garage. Liberally use black paint and exposed wires also flash to the industrialist Kingdom. Chandeliers and stained glass in the doors adds softness.

The living room has, like other rooms, black polished floor. The floor level difference is Estrella highlighted in green.

The entrance has Estrella drawn a cartoon-like illustration that, not surprisingly, is in her favorite color green.

Estrella has reinforced the sense of local industry by highlighting some of the most serious designs on the ceiling. Part of the ceiling is painted humorous as piano keys. The green side of the staircase acts as a focus point. Is not it a bit 1980s over the color scheme of your living room?

Around the TV is an arrangement with nice pictures on the shelves. The books are a little originality stacked.

In the atrium are intermingled a table in the Estrellas own design with Verner Panton chairs and a matching sofa.

The bedroom is right next to the bathroom. The difference in level and pillar gossip about a previous plan. A venetian blind provides privacy even though the bedroom wall of glass towards the next room.

Behind a glass panel above the bathtub offers Estrella on green color party. The chair of the rococo style, she painted and climbed on.

The kitchen was built in an atrium expansion in the courtyard of the former garage. Although this has a green tone had to be accented. The column connects to the industrial style.

Here Estrella refined allowed shiny and solid objects contrast with a coarse, color-changing stone wall.

Part of the garden is located inside an atrium, which means you can sit in a bright and comfortable environment even if barcelona weather would disappoint.

In estrellas bathroom has a freestanding island with sink and dressing table. A solution that is as unusual as its bright yellow color.

On the steps have estrella, inspired by some restaurants, has written a lot of messages about what to expect in the kitchen.

What once was the old garage's scrap yard is now a pleasant patio with Estrella's self-designed table.

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