Mariner Drive. Tuscan style.

 Presented by Jeff Lichtenstein.....This Aurora Award winning Mizner/Tuscan custom estate home at 462 Mariner Drive in Admirals Cove in Jupiter, Florida sits just seconds from the Intracoastal Waterway. Awarded the Finest Home in 17 Southeastern States Award, it is a collaboration of the owners, architects, builder, landscape architect, and interior design firm. The owners worked with all four firms, inspiring and challenging them to create an Old-World Romantic Florida Home with a charm and casualness that separates it from the expected and puts it in a class by itself. The article below is reprinted with the permission of Architectural Digest.
It is a house that opens up slowly and reveals itself in layers. Even from a distance, the house has a certain presence. It is rich yellow, a hue that pales only in the fiercest Florida sunlight; at other times it gleams gold, almost the color of van Gogh's haystacks. Four stately palms stand sentinel, lining the drive.


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