Weave В Trend Tapestry.

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designer Karen Schaefer Louw

Whether woven for a wall hanging, chair, towel or tote, tapestries are having a fashionable moment. Tapestries' weft and woven roots came to life during the 15th century with skilled Flemish artisans tending the loom, and they have withstood the test of time. Now en vogue again, there are both antique collectables and modern interpretations at the ready. And at a fraction of the price: In 1515 the Vatican spent more than five times as much for 10 tapestries to line the walls of the Sistine Chapel than Michelangelo was paid three years earlier for his ceiling fresco. From the latest kitchen accessories to sculptures, you can find an easy way to incorporate some into your home and life. 


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